Content is no longer the king on the chessboard; it is the chessboard

A digital marketing campaign is only as strong and robust as is the content that backs it. If you’re looking to propel your business to the top, you need quality, curated content. At POSH Analytics, we deliver that content to your site using proven methods that include proper SEO tactics to make you authoritative, visible, and engaging.

Customers want a brand that’s part of the conversation. They rely on quality content to inform them and make the decision on whether or not to invest in you. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled team develop your content marketing plan and make you a trusted resource.

What is
Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, well-written content that attracts and engages with your target audience. The goal of content marketing is to use high-quality, valuable content to inform, converse with, and attract people to your brand.

Content marketing takes many forms and here at POSH Analytics, we help you create that content across all platforms and landscapes. Whether you need blog content, banner copy, social media posts, relevant and engaging titles and meta descriptions, or product descriptions.

Overall, content builds relationships between you and your customer base. It’s about starting and maintaining a conversation. With our proven methods we can do just that.
Here at POSH Analytics, we know content marketing. If your business needs content strategy consulting, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Content
Marketing Services

Boost brand engagement and sales by personalising, testing and optimizing all touchpoints along your customers
path to purchase no matter what platform.

Content Audit

We’ll conduct a thorough content audit of all your existing content. We sift through every word you’ve written from titles and meta descriptions to social media posts to blog posts to landing pages. Then we assess and provide recommendations on how to improve.

Content Marketing Strategy

As we get to know your business, we’ll partner with you to discover your objectives, learn your audience, and develop a strategic plan of execution. Our goal is to provide rich content to your targeted audience that creates an exciting and engaging experience, whether you’re B2B or B2C. And with POSH Analytics, that strategy is fluid. We’ll change and adapt as we move forward to always give you the right tools to succeed.

Content Creation and Development

Buyers are smart, and they can smell bad content immediately. That’s why our in-house content creators work hard always to create unique, compelling copy that’s designed to engage with your audience, not speak at them. Since we take a holistic approach to your marketing campaign, our content team works with every department to create rich, SEO friendly content that boosts your company on all levels. We believe in a research first, creation second approach.

Keyword Research and Implementation

Our writers work with our research department to find the best keywords and phrases to earn you visibility and authority. We don’t throw words at a wall like spaghetti and see what sticks. We use facts and data to determine your best path forward. Then our content creators use that information to create compelling, quality content.

Distribution and Promotion

Great content deserves to be seen. That’s why we help you promote your content across all digital channels efficiently and cost-effectively. We hit the internet from all sides, distributing your amazing content through social media, PPC, SEM, and many other channels.

Measurement and Reporting

We measure and report how well your content marketing initiatives are doing and provide monthly reporting to you. By measuring and reporting, we can learn and adapt our approach to best help your business. Additionally, you’ll learn what your KPI’s are and see what best contributes to your ROI. By actively monitoring your content’s performance we can continually improve your results.

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